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Day 0 Leaving BKK

BKK - Butterworth Malaysia (The Overnighter)

My friend Jay and her friend “X” met me at my hotel around 11:30. As I rounded the corner into the lobby, they were lounging on the couches.
Her friends eyes popped out of her head as she realized that I was Jay’s friend, the one with the 40 kilo back pack, my smaller 8 kilo day pack, and two stuffed bags. Immediately, the tipical Thai comments started about the farang. We walked out the back of the hotel, and were about to cross the street to Hualamphong Station, when I said, "wait a minute, there's something important I have to do." Actually, it was something I didn't want to do, but it was time to part. My green Cons were just too dilapidated, and every time it rained my feet would get wet; so I decided to leave my shoes there on the embankment by the subway exit. I was hoping that maybe someone who was crafty, and didn't any shoes might be able to repair these old things, and give them the love they needed. sneaks.jpg
After this departing ceremony, we went to the train station and dropped my bags at the left luggage. I got my usual laugh when the kid porter tried to lift my bag, and then we were off to lunch.

We laughed at one tuk tuk driver, then found one with a reasonable price to shuttle us over to Chinatown for one last dim sum and some yummy taro fried rice. After lunch, Jay's friend left us, I bought some snacks, and Jay accompanied me back to the train station for a farewell.
large_Goodbye_BKK.jpg A little blurry, but the photo is me. Thanks Jay for all your help, as usual!

The Ride

The A/C sleeper was really nice compared to the ghetto (fan) sleeper I suffered through from Lampang to BKK. My only complaint was a guy with a really annoying voice that wouldn't stop talking all night; and then when I woke up in the morning he was still talking. Also, for anybody taking this train in the future, when you arrive to to the Malaysian border you have to disembark with all your luggage and go through a building shared by both Thai and Malay immigration / customs. It's kinda inconvenient, but one of those formalities that you have to go through. We spent about an hour there, and you can find food there as well. One last thing, when you travel from Bkk to Butterworth or onward, you lose an hour (time zone).

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